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Ohio State News: Beat The Clock, 05/07/2012

God speed, Jordan. This would seem to be a solid fit for everyone involved.

Stat Session: Importance of Elite Defense vs. Offense, Pt. 1 | Eleven Warriors

Chad starts a look into whether it's more important to have an elite defense or an all-world offense. The results may surprise.

A tourney team, at least. Should be make for a decent OOC regular season opponent.

Neal Still Considering Buckeyes

Lorenzo Neal says decision was 'personal'; Buckeyes still very much on his radar.

Buckeyes' Luke Fickell back in familiar role - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

The defensive coordinator role fits him like a trusty glove.

Imagine what could've been...:


Cognitive dissonance.

Big 12 verbally agrees to new ESPN/Fox deal - CBSSports

The Big 12 joins the vaunted "blowing money fast" club.

NCAA Football 13: Rece Davis Heading New Dynasty Feature -

Sort of wish they'd focus more on the, yanno, gameplay. /buys anyways

To Win the Big Ten, Rule the Skies - The Only Colors

You should probably read this.

The Friday Night Lights movie appears to be on and Peter Berg calls Craig James a "f*cking scumbag" | May

He ain't wrong.

Pro Combat Goes B1G: Nebraska Edition - Black Heart Gold Pants

Horace E. Cow for hegemon of the universe.


Buzz Bissinger on Raising a Special Needs Child - The Daily Beast

Power stuff from the author of "Friday Night Lights".


A Closer Look At Chorus, The Next-Generation Publishing Platform That Runs Vox Media | TechCrunch

The best multimedia stack in the world gets to strut it stuff.

10 News Stories That Raise Endless Unanswered Questions |


A cure for the case of the Mondays: