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Update: Charles Eric Waugh Arrested

Waugh Mug Shot
Waugh Mug Shot

The Charles Eric Waugh saga has come to its logical conclusion. As first pointed out by twitter user Bryan McClure (ironically by mass/spam messaging multiple sports and college football writers), Waugh was formally booked in the Boyd County Detention Center on one count of probation violation and another for failing to comply with the sexual offender registration.

Waugh could still additionally face a Class A misdemeanor for his use of social networks with members under the age of 18 and coupled with the two other charges should turn into prison time (particularly considering that he was previously allowed to avoid any for agreeing to the probation in the first place).

While the ramifications (including but not limited to Alex Anzalone's decommitment) continue to linger and it remains probable that the events of the last week turn into a cautionary tale for college athletic departments across the country, hopefully this is the last time we hear of Waugh.