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Ohio State News: Beat The Clock, 05/09/2012

A life of second chances.
A life of second chances.

A rare interview with former no. 1 overall pick Greg Oden about his injury-plagued career - Grantland

A heartbreakingly candid look at the tragedy of the career to this point of Greg Oden as told by his friend and former teammate, Mark TItus. An absolute must read. (Reminder: Strong men cry too.)

Terrelle Pryor looking forward to fresh start under Oakland Raiders' new regime - Jim Trotter -

Pryor fancies himself a messenger from a high power though honestly, had Pryor cooperated and spoke to the NCAA candidly, things could be far worse for the Buckeyes right now.

Class of 2013 Freaks - CBSSports

Bryan D. Fischer has the High School answer to yesterday's Bruce Feldman collegiate list. Sadly no prospective Buckeyes made the grade.

New 'Friday Night Lights' Movie: Leaked* Script Reveals Mike Leach Storyline -

All hail the Pirate King, arguably one of only two coaches I'd rather have in Columbus than Urban (the other being Dana Holgorsen, of course).


The Wilco Project Lives

B1G bros, dropping knowledge. Go read/listen/debate.

Allison Brie. Singing Hall and Oates. Your day is made: