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Beat The Clock, 06/11/2012

Unit Rankings: 2012 Big Ten secondaries " Big Ten Network

Much like Ohio State's defensive line, Tom Dienhart hurts in the worst of ways for Ohio State's secondary. Maybe I'm overstating every other secondary in the league but, like, really? It's Bradley Roby and change from my vantage point. He also joins in the Christian Bryant-at-strong-safety meme, which while the depth chart doesn't say that per se, sure, let's just go with at this point (even though he's really more of a hybrid star and to my knowledge and there's no plan to deviate in how the defense operates from last year to this other than potentially playing with a deep safety a bit more). I really hope this secondary is as good as so many people who haven't seen them in game action as much as me tend to think they are... or something.

Ohio State's 'water boys' are hardly alone among sports' 'whiz kids': Bill Livingston |

Bill Livingston with the most Bill Livingston of pieces. Stay awesome, Bill.

Board Recommends 6-Month Law License Suspension For Tressel Tipster | WBNS-10TV Columbus, Ohio

Good to know his legal career will be back on track in just 6-months! /fartnoise

Many waxed nostalgic for Ballard, he of the broken leg in the Super Bowl, immediately following the news and also opined what a raw deal he was getting because of the injury. As is often the case in the business-first NFL, however, this was more of a strategic cap navigating course of action:

Great news for NYG/tOSU concurrent fans, I suppose. Ballard certainly ran with the role of Giants starting tight end during stretches this past season and seemed to be positioned to contend for the role again next season. It will be interesting to see where he's at post-injury.


Daniel Johnston Designs Supreme T-Shirts - Stereogum

Hi, how are you?

FunnyJunk is threatening to file a federal lawsuit against me unless I pay $20,000 in damages - The Oatmeal

Butt hurt extortion through the legal system is just the best, you guys.

The best of Apple's WWDC 2012 event | The Verge


Better than absolutely everything Nintendo showcased at E3: