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Verlon Reed Believes Everyone Everywhere Is "D.T.F."


The social media medium twitter is a hell of a tool. It allows you to see news unfold as it's developing. It allows you to micro blog and conduct witty banter with friends, acquaintances, readers, and professional colleagues (and prospective ones). It... It also lets you follow athletes, like Ohio State's Verlon Reed. For every interesting insight gained about a player's preparatory process going into game week, well, you're also going to see non-sequitur lyrics from their favorite songs, colloquial slang, and sometimes, if you're lucky enough, a veer into their very (occasionally rather bored) souls.

Monday night was one of those nights. The redshirt sophomore Reed took to the twitter-waves and decided to enlighten the entirety of his readership that basically everyone he followed or his followers followed was "D.T.F." It's late, sure. It's a random Monday night, okay. But... The results ultimately comprise 2 straight hours of 120+ tweets targeting his friends, folks he likely has never interacted with, and best of all, random celebrities. Amongst them, Reed tells folks tweeting at the likes of Ludacris, LeBron James, Rhianna, and even ESPN that they are all "D.T.F."

If you ever wanted a a case against Twitter's very existence or your own personal sanity for following a student athlete, this is it. Read the inanity after the jump (WARNING: NSFW-ish; contains potentially offenive ethnic vernacular and sexually suggestive terms and references):