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Brady Hokes Calls Ohio State Ohio State: Beat The Clock, 06/13/2012

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA? /record scratch noise

Hoke and Ohio State coach Urban Meyer were both at a coaching clinic in the Mitten this morning (which Urbz had to get up at 3:30 to drive to). There were many zany photos at the event including but not limited to one Michigan fans took as an invitation to do some particularly deep analysis.

Also, mmm... Meat:

Brady Hoke and Urban Meyer eating ribs together outside SMSB on Twitpic

Zain Shaito Named Ohio State Male Athlete of the Year - - The Official Athletic site of The Ohio State University

Congrats to fencer Zain Shaito on Ohio State's highest athletic honor. I don't know much about fencing but it involves swords which tells me Zain will be a beast when the zombie apocalypse rolls around. I'm with you, Mr. Shaito.

Branden Dawson's torn ACL is reason Michigan State likely won't take foreign trip this summer |

Probably in their best interests. Sparty's 2013 tourney success could hinge mightily on Dawson.

OSU astronomers find two unusual planets | The Columbus Dispatch

Space, bitches. Space.


MacBook Pro with Retina display review | The Verge

I want to go to there.

Us all, really: