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Our Favorite Ohio State Highlight

Something tells me our favorite highlight of the past year wasn't Bret Bielema's.
Something tells me our favorite highlight of the past year wasn't Bret Bielema's.

Let's be honest: Holy Buckeye, while timeless, is an easy auto answer when someone asks you "what's your favorite Ohio State moment of all-time?" There's plenty of other amazing moments that come quickly to mind as well: Ken Dorsey being thrown to the turf like a rag doll as Ohio State wrapped up their first national title in 34 years and time running out with tens of thousands of scarlet clad Buckeyes storming the field after defeating Michigan in the Game of the Century are two of the other easy ones.

A few other less obvious personal favorites are Drew Tate being abused to the point of slamming a football in frustration in the Horseshoe, Ashton Youboty returning a botched kick for a touchdown just before half causing John L. Smith's brain to break live on national television, Cameron Heyward rumbling 80 yards for an almost touchdown against Miami in 2010 in a matchup of then top 12 teams, and of course Solomon Thomas intercepting Ryan Mallett to clinch Ohio State getting the monkey off their backs against the SEC in the post-season. But what about more recently? What's still permeating at the very core of our beings even after a year in which Ohio State football offered very little in the highlight department?

I still remember being frozen to the core on an unusually chilly late October day, underdressed, emotionally punch drunk, wondering how the hell Ohio State had done to even be in position to make what transpired a reality. While Ohio State doesn't get to play giant slayer often, much like defeating then unbeaten Illinois in hoops to cap a lost 2005 year, it's hard to beat the unique feeling of doing the seemingly unthinkable.

So what's your favorite Ohio State highlight of all-time? What play sticks with you when your mind wonders or you start getting "the itch" for football (or for that matter basketball) season to be back again?