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The Details of Urban Meyer's Ohio State Contract: Beat The Clock, 06/18/2012

UPDATE: Click here to read Urban Meyer's contract in its entirety.

Urban Meyer's full Ohio State contract released, with more details on bowl bonuses, NCAA violations |

Unlike his predecessor Jim Tressel, should Ohio State run into any prospective NCAA violations, Urban Meyer would forfeit any received bonuses. As for the nitty gritty:

As for the on-field performance bonuses, Meyer will earn $50,000 for winning the Big Ten Leaders Division. In 2012, he can achieve that even though Ohio State is ineligible to go to the Big Ten Championship as the Leaders Division champ.

His $100,000 bonus for winning the Big Ten Championship game, which also comes with another year added to his contract, if he accepts it, can be reached this year by having the most, or tied for the most, regular-season Big Ten wins of any team.

His $150,000 bonus for going to a BCS bowl can be reached this season if Ohio State is ranked between No. 3 and No. 10 in the final BCS standings.

His $250,000 bonus for reaching the BCS National Championship can be reached this season if Ohio State finishes No. 1 or No. 2 in the final BCS standings.

As pointed out by David Briggs, should Ohio State arbitrarily decides they want to part ways with Meyer before January 31st, 2014, they would *only* owe him $15.37 million. Meyer would also owe the university $2 million should he leave and within a year accept another college/NFL head coaching job or a TV analyst gig. I suspect things should work out in their favor.

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