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Satch Sullinger Cries Conspiracy & More On Ohio State's Newest Commit: Beat The Clock, 06/19/2012

While you were busy being indignant about ESPN actually doing something journalistic for once...

Sullinger report a smokescreen? | Buckeye Xtra Sports

Jared's father Satch believes that the "red flag" leaks on his son's back are a plant from teams hoping he falls to them. While we shared a similar initial reaction yesterday evening, considering it was allegedly "multiple teams' doctors", all of the sudden the rabbit hole gets awfully deep. Take the red pill, Jared... Mostly because it's extra strength Tylenol and I can't imagine a back that jacked up feels particularly good.

Orlando Boone punter Johnny Townsend commits Ohio State - Orlando Sentinel

Fluff and fact come together to form a more in-depth profile of local boy, Johnny Townsend, the 12th commit to Urban Meyer's sophomore class at The Ohio State University. They list the senior-to-be as a more realistic 6'1", 185 lbs while also pointing out Townsend is presently ranked fifth overall by KohlsKicking, a site run by nationally recognized kicking expert Jamie Kohls.

RIP, MEANINGLESS ACRONYM - Every Day Should Be Saturday

The BCS is dead! Long live the BCS! The name is gone though a potentially shoddy selection committee oversaw playoff appears on the horizon. Letting four teams enter, one team leave is still the best possible outcome given those making the decisions but you're kidding yourself if you think who precisely those four teams are doesn't matter.

How To Become The Richest Man In The World By Gambling On College Football -

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Classic films re-imagined as pulp novels. - Imgur

So cool.

Slow news day, eh?

The slowest.

I caught this live in-person back in February. Prepare for OWNAGE: