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It Gets Worse: Jack Mewhort Arrested Along With Stoneburner

Courtesy of the Delaware County Sheriff's Offices
Courtesy of the Delaware County Sheriff's Offices

As if Ohio State fans needed any other bad news, stud tight end Jake Stoneburner's arrest no longer seems as inconsequential as perhaps on first glance. Also arrested with Stoneburner was Ohio State's arguably best offensive lineman, Jack Mewhort. Mewhort was expected to be the Buckeyes' opening Saturday starter at left tackle, but nothing's certain after Saturday's escapades:

Tight end Jake Stoneburner and offensive lineman Jack Mewhort were arrested at about 2:30 a.m. by the Shawnee Hills police near the Bogey Inn, 10TV News reported.

A third man, Austin Barnard, was also charged. He is not affiliated with the football program.

Police told 10TV News that two officers saw the three men who they believed were urinating between buildings. The officers attempted to talk with them but they ran away.

Two of them were captured while they were crouched in between vehicles in a parking area used for the nearby Memorial Tournament, police said. The third person was found hiding in nearby woods after officers threatened to use a police dog.

All three were released about a little more than an hour later after posting $2,000 bond, according to the Delaware County Sheriff's Office.

In a word: f***.

The ball's in your court, Urban.