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Free iPad 2s OMG, A Day In The Life of Urban Meyer: Beat The Clock, 06/22/2012

They're not the new iPads, but free is free:

The latest recruiting tactic by The Ohio State University is accomplishable by virtue of Apple's bulk discounting on non-current generation devices through their educational contracts (which include full service when the inevitable accidental damage occurs). Now if the University could just steer away from the nightmare that is Outlook...

A Day in the Life | Eleven Warriors

The only threat to Bath Salt's threat to our children is Kerry Coombs energy drink. Look for the SPIN exposé on High Street raids to keep the stuff from seeing the light of day in no time.

Ohio State Set to Park $483 Million From Lease Deal: Muni Credit - Bloomberg

GET MONEY , GET PAID, Y'ALL. Per Bloomberg, "all eyes will be on Ohio State" as a potential scalable model to other similarly sized universities throughout the rest of the country. And you thought Ohio State Transportation and Parking were merciless... #allofthetickets

How to Make a College Football Selection Committee Work - Team Speed Kills

Don't agree with all of it but an interesting beginning of the dialogue.

Mailbag: Selection committee talk; Iowa's prospects & more -

There's something beautiful about the phrase "final four" team making a college football mailbag.


The best smartphone: what to buy on every carrier | The Verge

Contract about up? Figure out what the next wallet draining device you procure will be.

Black Keys Sue Pizza Hut, Home Depot - Stereogum

They probably should've been clued off by the "SHITTY PIZZA, ON THE CEILING. IT'S ALL RIIIIIIIGHT" hook.

"Zombie Playground" - A Giclée Print by Jason Chan


London 2012 Olympics Playlist Leaks - Stereogum

World's smallest violin, Spice GIrls.

Hurry up September: