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Troy Smith Released, Ohio State Most Improved Team, Jim Tressel Resurrection: Beat The Clock, 06/25/2012

Be chill my bro:

Smith sticking around in the Iron City was a bit of a hail mary to begin with. Hopefully Troy can move on to another training camp opportunity or whatever else comes next in his professional endeavors.

Daily Blog | Phil Steele

Phil Steele has Ohio State as one of his most improved teams. This is courtesy of the "traditional power house inexplicably went sub-.500 after one of the most tumultuous calendar years in the programs' history" metric he looks at every single off-season.

Former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel relishes new role at University of Akron, which allows him to remain strong promoter of student success |

Jim Tressel is just doing him; wearing lint free sweater vests, broing out, doing what a Jim Tressel likes to do best. Also:

An employee approached him at a meeting to thank him for "filtering up" an email she had sent him about learning communities. "I heard back and appreciate it," she said.

So I guess you *CAN* teach an old dog new tricks. /shows self out /weaps

2012 NBA draft -- Former Ohio State Buckeyes star Jared Sullinger not invited to draft - ESPN

Coupled with his new Underdog twitter avatar and Jared Sullinger is now the underdog of underdog's who underdog underdog. Also: he might want to, yanno, make a phone call to DeJuan Blair about actually backing up the "disrespect" with on the court performance.


"Inspired promotional throwbacks for our NCAA FOOTBALL 13 launch July 10th. #NewEra #snapback #EASPORTS" | Instagram

Usually stringing these words together would indicate something's gone horribly wrong or you drank a lot for 4 years and found yourself in a PR office from hell. Alas, these are pretty slick.

Meet 'Guy On The Internet,' Champion Of The Dullards. - Progressive Boink

As a denizen of the internet, this is probably something you'll want to take to heart.

And now, your daily Mercer: