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BCS Ain't Dead, It Just Took A Couple Shots

Delany got his playoffs while still protecting friends in high places. Nobody played both sides of the fence better.
Delany got his playoffs while still protecting friends in high places. Nobody played both sides of the fence better.

I hate Bill Hancock, and I hate the BCS. Why? Because the day after college football gets its long-awaited playoffs, I still feel these weasels wrangled a W out of this.

I know, I know... "This is how the world works" and "Meta-change isn't delivered by the mile, but by the inch." I've attempted to put every style of Sweet Baby Ray's barbeque sauce on this turd for the last nineteen hours, but so far, nothing has seemed to work for me. In other news, I've been nibbling on feces for the last nineteen hours.

A four team playoff is inherently better than a two team playoff; this much is true, but the corruption and cronyism was always the bigger issue for me. It infuriates me to read about bowl directors getting $25,000-a-month car allowances to stage one game a year while players risking their flesh and blood get paid with strings-attached coupons and Fossil watches.

For so long, these suited clowns fought tooth-and-nail against the idea of a playoff, floating out every bullshit PR-generated idea they could have come up with. And now that Armageddon has finally hit their dog-and-pony show, everybody involved is all smiles.

Why do you think that is? I'm of the belief it's because the cronyism will still be rampant for the next twelve years, by the end of which most of the movers-and-shakers in this process will be tucked into their graves. (They won't be missed.)

Literally, every other division in college football has a sixteen-team playoff. Somehow, kids at Mt. Union play these extra games and maintain their grades. (They also do this [assumedly] without an army of tutors at their back and middle-school level coursework.) Somehow, teams like Appalachian State can afford to send their team to other campuses in a week's notice. Somehow, even ESPN manages to get to and broadcast these games as well. I know, I know, it's a stroke of God.

I won't be happy until I get my sixteen team playoff. If that makes me a curmudgeon on the internet, so be it. People over 30 can have their standard definition broadcasts of some Orange Bowl from the 1980's. I'll take my on-campus playoff games, even if it means up giving up annual cupcake out-of-conference games.

The bowls literally ceded as least as possible, and I'm supposed to be over-the-moon with this process? Why should I be? It's not like we're not going to have to do this again in a decade anyway. (Again, it's not like Bill Hancock and company will be there to see any of this. Their streams of free money have been secured until their deaths.)

So, congrats to Bill Hancock and his ilk. Maybe they actually believe they're noble protectors of something "unique"; but it's hard for me to sit here in my hut and not see it as well manipulated cronyism.

If college football is really an amateur endeavor, bowls and the cronyism they propagate need to be pulled like the weeds they are.

When the time comes to advance this system, hopefully the next generation will strike a blow against corruption and cronyism and dispose of bowls altogether. That's what the next fight has to be, because the BCS will literally be laughing all the way to the bank until then.