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Marcus Baugh Scouting Report, More On Michael Hill, And Rodney Hood Updates: Beat The Clock, 06/27/2012

Marcus Baugh Recruit Scouting Report: Athletic Tight End Key In Buckeye Offense -

Want to know more about the weapon that could ultimately replace Jake Stoneburner in Tom Herman and Urban Meyer's offense in 2013? Of course you do:

Baugh is an excellent receiving tight end. One of his major strengths is his ability to line up at different spots within an offensive scheme and be a consistent threat in an aerial attack. Baugh is a natural pass catcher with the quick twitch movement skills of a smaller player. He has the flexibility to extend his arms and cleanly pluck the football away from his frame. Baugh also has very good body control. This trait is evident in the instances in which he is asked to adjust in mid-air to off target throws, and haul in contested catches versus tight coverage.
Flexed outside, Baugh's his first step allows him to gain a quick release off the line of scrimmage. Once into his route, he possesses really good stop-and-start agility that enables him to separate from defenders. Baugh also has the long speed to threaten the seam or run a deep fade pattern.

Michael Hill gives Buckeyes pledge No. 14 - OSU Buckeyes Blog - ESPN

Hill grew up watching Ohio State on TV and ultimately it helped the Buckeyes improve on what's going to be an absolute juggernaut of a defensive line for the next 2-3 years.

The latest on whether Rodney Hood will choose Ohio State or Duke:

Pretty much says it all.

NBA Draft prospect Jared Sullinger compares well to Kevin Love - Michael Rosenberg -

Sports Illustrated's Michael Rosenberg believes Sullinger's upside far greatly outweighs the risk. While as a lapsed Rockets fan I'd love to land Dwight Howard, getting Sullinger with one of the 2039482 picks they have would totally fly by me as well. I'm sure many Cavs fans would say the same.


As per usual, Spencer says it far more eloquently (and spot on) than any of the rest of us possibly could.


Chael Sonnen Returns Fire on Anderson Silva - MMA Fighting

These dudes are going to absolutely murder each other. Can't wait.

Internet Girls, Mad Men, and Why the 'Greatest' Generation Wasn't

I absolutely adore Mad Men, but to quote D.J., author Cord Jefferson "is that dude."