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Gerry Sandusky Is Not Jerry Sandusky (Or: Why The Internet Is Just The Worst Sometimes)

Gerry Sandusky is not that Jerry Sandusky. While it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out given his many years in sports media, his being sports programming director at a major Baltimore radio station, his being the voice of the Baltimore Ravens, and, well, a painfully clear Twitter bio making that fact plain as day, that hasn't stopped the impulsive, ignorant underbelly of the internet from doing what they do best.

The *good* news is that the vast majority of his at tweet feed has now turned into people wishing him the best, admiring the grace with which he's handled an unfair situation, and condemning those too lazy intellectually to read a 140 character bio. Alas, even now, nearly a week removed from the other Sandusky's verdict, there's still plenty of reason to lose faith in humanity once again.

(Forewarning: much of what's sampled below and after the jump contains graphic language and obscenity. Reader discretion is advised):

Not very Buddhist of him, I'll give him that. But as he does from time to time (which given the sheer volume flooding his timeline can't possibly reflect enough on the man's character), good guy Gerry Sandusksy jumps into explain the situation... To little avail:

/Head slap.

Sadly, it gets worse.

There are just too many things wrong with that inquiry to mention. I digress.

This individual has sadly made a D-grade humor game of harassing Sandusky having sent three or four others in the last couple days alone. Don't worry champ, I'm sure you "S#$* My Dad Says"-esque big pilot break is just another tone deaf child molestation joke away.

This individual appears to be a high school football player. He also seems content on fulfilling every dumb jock stereotype known to man.

Hate speech fever. Catch it!

Even when Gerry tries to explain the situation logically, many of these folks are beyond reason or reproach. Shoot first, ask questions later. Or just don't ask questions and continue to embrace ignorance as bliss. You know, whatever.

Sweet cognitive dissonance... I don't even.

I'm not saying anyone deserves Chan Gailey their coach as that would just be cruel, but...

Hard hitting questions from user, 'Dildo Malone'.

As have many of us, Sandusky's been watching some of the Olympic qualifying. And while I guess there are some underaged prospective Olympians, um...

Which leads us to the crown jewel of all, a hate in her heart fueled lady with the username @JessicaPaden01:

Gerry wants to reason with her, because, you would too if your name was Gerry Sandusky, but worry not, her lunatic fringe cohorts in myopia are down to expose the real truth:

There's no getting past Jessica, you guys. But as mentioned the vast majority of folks dialoguing with him now are clearly on his side. That doesn't meant there aren't some gems amongst them yet:


Decreed the full grown man in the Insane Clown Posse makeup.

Either way, Gerry Sandusky with a 'G' continues to handle an otherwise absurd situation with great aplomb. Here's hoping the tide of stupid wanes sooner rather than later.