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Jared Sullinger Drafted By The Boston Celtics With The 21st Pick In The 2012 NBA Draft

It doesn't get much more Boston than being nicknamed "Sully".
It doesn't get much more Boston than being nicknamed "Sully".

All the idle speculation about Jared Sullinger's ailing back can (for) now be put to rest. Despite not being invited to the 2012 NBA Draft, the 6'9", 270 pound strong bodied power forward will take his game to the next level suiting up for the Boston Celtics. As virtually all of the mock drafts projected earlier today, Sullinger will now be able to let his game do the talking for Boston and target each of those teams that passed on him on the court as opposed to merely jawing about how slighted he was going to be.

While the home state Cleveland Cavaliers opted instead to trade up and take North Carolina big man Tyler Zeller, Sullinger joins in a situation that Includes former conference nemesis JaJuan Johnson and a real chance to break into the rotation with starting power forward Brandon Bass a free agent to be. Sullinger's been compared to Luis Scola, DeJuan Blair, and less favorably, Glen "Big Baby" Davis. I personally see Sullinger as more of a Kenny Thomas type though in a perfect world, a poor man's Kevin Love would be a dream come true for Celtics fans.

Congratulations to Columbus' native son Jared Sullinger on a great Ohio State career and an extremely promising one at the next level.

See Sullinger's big moment after the jump: