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Fox Sports Pursuing Erin Andrews?, More Jared Sullinger to Boston, And A Rodney Hood Update: Beat The Clock, 06/29/2012

What's that Erin? You don't speak speedball?
What's that Erin? You don't speak speedball?

UPDATE: She gone:

Erin Andrews pursued by Fox Sports - Richard Deitsch -

OMG... Except not really. The best sideline reporters in the world are the ones who's questions aren't grating and at least try to get something substantive out of their interviewees. Erin Andrews accomplishes this, but given her relatively rough trial go at Good Morning America, you have to wonder if her time at the mouse isn't at its end. You figure if she'd really been the rising star she once was, she'd be on Monday Night Football by now... And I just wrote 70 words on Erin Andrews. It's an incredibly slow news day.

NBA Draft 2012: What The Boston Celtics Are Getting In Jared Sullinger - SB Nation Boston

Sullinger might not be a superstar at the next level, but we check in with SBN Boston and talk about what he can be for the Boston Celtics.

Extremely Important Rodney Hood Update:

We have ***EXCLUSIVE*** video after the jump showcasing the latest in the on-going four day announcement watch of Rodney Hood deciding to transfer to play for Duke or Ohio State:

Hood is at least drawing some praise as Chad Ford has Hood as the 49th best prospect in the 2013 NBA Draft. Honestly though, given how long and drawn out this entire process has been, I'm beginning to have buyers' remorse before the guy ever even steps foot on campus. Of course should he commit I'll promptly drink a dirty thirty and shoot off fireworks.

2013 NBA Draft Big Board: Who'll be the next overall No. 1 pick? -

CBS' Jeff Goodman has LaQuinton Ross (!) as the 23rd best prospect for next year's draft, Deshaun Thomas as the 40th best, and Aaron Craft not listed. Thomas being that low is a bit of surprise but would certainly explain his decision to return to school for his senior year. Ross though? Man, a lot of folks are still really in love with his potential. Here's hoping he's half that good come next season. Craft is clearly a four year guy for the Bucks though and could yet find himself a steal in the later rounds of the 2014 NBA Draft. What? I'm the only one who sees a young Steve Nash? Fair enough. - Blogs: Celtics Insider" Blog Archive " Celtics make qualifying offer to Stiemsma

Former Buckeye Othello Hunter will be joining Sully in Beantown (at least for the summer). But he's not the only former basketball Buck suiting up for the Summer League:

*BOOM* Baptist'd.

Also: It's great to have Lighty state side again and I wouldn't bet against him sticking with the Hawks' 15 come next October.


iOS: A visual history | The Verge

I'm so invested in the architecture and yet I'm still considering switching back to a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. /gadget commitment issues

Send Pitbull To A Frozen Tundra

Do it. For America. And have a real good time in the process.