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Ohio State News: Mug Night, 06/04/2012

Missed happy hour? No problem. Every links on special at Mug Night. And away we go:

Breaking it down: ‘Tattoo-Gate’ scandal costs Ohio State almost $8M - Campus - The Lantern - Ohio State University

Money well spent! Right? Right? In all seriousness, time and wins will be the only thing that heals it. That sort of scratch is money to burn for a financial behemoth like the OSU athletic department. Say it with me again, people: year two. Year two. Year two.

Posey playing catch-up at Texans' camp

DeVier Posey as a potential #3 receiver for, ahem, the NFL team of my specific allegiance? Well, that just sounds like the absolute worst. /trollface

Steven M. Sipple: Pelini strongly opposes playoff of any sort

Cool story, Bo.

Conference Realignment: How To Poach Schools Without Getting Sued -

Important lawyering from EDSBS commentariat stalwart, Bobby Big Wheel.

Another year, another summer of preseason love for Florida State -

Matt Hinton, SMQ, PhD, reminds us that much like the solstice, summer means Florida State being overrated. That schedule is comedically easy though. Watch them run the gauntlet only to lose to a 7-4 Florida team in their final regular season game.

Michigan Wolverines Football Recruiting - School Commitments - ESPN

The Wolverines now have commits from 5 players who had Alabama offers and 9 that had Ohio State offers. 2011 this isn't.

Good news for the Buckeyes who will be visiting Columbus for the second time.


Why Microsoft Office Costs $200: A Budget Breakdown. - Progressive Boink

The shocking truth... REVEALED!

The first still of Iron Man 3

Commence geeking out.

Sure, why not. Some Beck and Jack White for your evening: