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Dave Brandon 'Officially Declares Michigan Is Back' : Beat The Clock, 06/05/2012

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Michigan's Dave Brandon: 'I can officially declare that Michigan is back' | Detroit Free Press |

Other things Dave Brandon can officially declare is back:

  • Possession of the football in the other teams' hands after a patented Denard moon ball.
  • The fear of god in punters everywhere.
  • That sinking feeling:

Does anyone have any definitive proof Camren Williams isn't the glitch linebacker from NCAA '12?

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

Ohio State Buckeyes' chances to go undefeated in 2012 - NCF - ESPN ($$$)

Insider article, but here's a taste:

The Buckeyes are the heavy favorites, according to our projections, in all four nonconference games (all at home), and a schedule that features eight total games at the Horseshoe is the key to the season. We give Ohio State a 72 percent chance of losing no more than one game at home, but a 45 percent chance of dropping two or more road games. Can the Buckeyes go undefeated? Our numbers give them a 5 percent chance, and an 18 percent chance of finishing 11-1.

***Queues up counter argument explaining that ESPN has an agenda against Ohio State in spite of their being an extremely polarizing large alumni and sidewalk alumni alike fan base having prestigious traditional college football power that gets more media revenue from ESPN/ABC than any other single entity including the Big Ten Network but instead because of an elaborate, calculated, Machiavellian, sinister business minded agenda and not just simple editorial laziness and incompetence.***

Seriously, bulletin board Bucks. This is just the worst and superficially brings every bad stereotype about the fan base to the forefront of the school's public face.

And FWIW, they give Ohio State 90% odds of going 8-4 to 11-1 which sounds pretty spot on from my vantage.

The day we ran out of Hawgpanky jokes – Campus Union

The last Bobby Petrino joke left on earth is no more. RIP.

Why Craig James, A Terrible Politician, Will Stay On Your TV Forever -

RIP our collective dead sense of civic duty.


The top album on Amazon is a cat playing Native American lullabies on a flute

Allegedly. (H/T Erik Malinowski)

Skydiver Aims to Smash Record, Sound Barrier in 23-Mile Jump | Playbook |