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Bridging The SEC, Big Ten Divide: Beat The Clock, 06/06/2012

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Anytime a Big Ten fan tries to patronize their SEC counterparts with pedantry or an SEC fan tries to lord "Dey-shey dey-shey Bah-sur-rah bah-sur-rah" equivalent initial chants over Big Ten fans' heads, they should remember this article.

The whole playoff argument/chest puffing may also necessitate a breather. In the immortal words of Brian Cook:

At this point it's clear that most fans don't have the same priorities in mind as the people in charge of the leagues they're fans of-see SEC expansion-and arguing with them on the internet is pointless.


OSU's Linsley finds center after turnaround - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

Brian Bennett with *rubs eyes* TWO worth while reads in a row?

/Buys one million boxes of twinkies

/Drinks own urine

Unit Rankings: 2012 Big Ten Defensive Lines " Big Ten Network

Tom of Dienhart unsurprisingly has seen the light and knows that Ohio State's d-line is unrivaled in the conference (and likely country).

Keeping Up With The Scarlet And Gray Joneses

Dave Brandon, he of the sentient mushrooms, keeps trying to make mushroom pizza. Or something.

Ranking the coaching jobs: Big Ten - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN

That Thad Matta's inexplicably turned the Ohio State job into this kind of prized pig means he gets a life contract. As long as he wants with a blank check. Seriously.

Penn State Football: The Joy Is Gone. Will It Be Allowed To Return? - Black Shoe Diaries

Great long form on the darkness consuming Happy Valley.

Grantland: Charlie Strong, Joe Lee Dunn, and the Birth of the 3-3-5 Defense — An excerpt from The Essential Smart Football | Smart Football

Go buy Chris' book. Already bought it? Buy another copy.


Wikipedia Brown, And The Case Of The Smashed Snow Globe. - Progressive Boink

The Internets are won.

I'll Have Another Bravely Remains A Horse In The Face Of Adversity - From Our Editors -

Look at those hooves.

[RELEASE] Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne v0.0.10 : hawkthorne

Cool, cool, cool.

Slow States | The Slow States Wilco Project #53-#44

It's back. Get up to speed on Chris and Kevin (formerly [again] of BSD)'s life calling of ranking every Wilco song ever.

Wilco releases interactive tour documentary created with Apple's iBooks Author | The Verge


A Party On The Rise, Germany's Pirates Come Ashore : NPR

Mike Leach could not be reached for comment.

Something chill (literally [via Iceland]) to end your Hump Day: