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Jack Mewhort As The Voice Of Reason: Beat The Clock, 06/07/2012

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I've never been more proud to be a Buckeye. From Derby Hall:


via: /r/osu/ source:

Warinner is No Walrus | Eleven Warriors

The air tastes so much sweeter when you have a competent offensive line coach capable of churning out NFL caliber offensive linemen.

Video Shows Arrested Ohio State Players Discussing Next Steps | WBNS-10TV Columbus, Ohio

Jack Mewhort comes across as the voice of reason:

Mewhort: "(The) first person I'm calling right now..."

Stoneburner: "Who?"

Mewhort: "Coach Meyer."

Stoneburner: "Really?"

Mewhort: "Yeah."

Stoneburner: "What will you say?"

Mewhort: "Say, 'Coach, I made a bad mistake this week.'"

Stoneburner: "Don't, don't call him."

Mewhort: "You want to let him find out by himself?"

That or Jake Stoneburner is unbelievably committed to not snitching, no matter what.

$300K grant to develop steel for next-generation power plants

No one land-grant institution should have all that power.

A stellar day at the NBA Draft combine for Jared Sullinger:

Sullinger was feared by many scouts (and fans alike) to be listed generously at 6'9" these past couple years. Despite the fact that he plays bigger than his height (in spite of a rather paltry vertical), just having extra inch, inch and a half could go a long way.

Speaking of going a long way:

God speed on your journey to the house of the undying big men, Sully.


Microsoft SmartGlass and Internet Explorer for Xbox 360 video walkthrough | The Verge

Learn all about it now. You'll be using it draw up plays in NCAA Football '14.

Mrs Doubtfire, recut as you never imagined:

Mrs. Doubtfire (Recut) from Peter Javidpour on Vimeo.