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If T-Magic Regresses Anymore Will He Even Exist, NCAA '13 Mania, Pray 4 Penn State: Beat The Clock, 07/10/2012

The kids are alright:

As other Buckeye athletes retweet every at tweet telling them someone's playing EA Sports' NCAA Football '13 and using them, it's always sort of novel to see the incoming freshmen get the first non-weight-room-ownage or academic rude awakening experience of being a college athlete. For the rest of us, well, we'll just play the game and keep yelling obscenities as we throw another pick 6. On that note...

Taylor Martinez has 'progressively got worse' as a passer. Can he still turn the corner? -

The esteemed Dr. Matt Hinton, SMQ wonders if T-Magic peaked early, which would be a worst case scenario for Bill Nebrasky to say the least. If Tim Beck and co. get anything approaching consistency out of the regressed-after-year-one signal caller, Big Red will very much be in the Legends mix. If not? Bo Pelini could very easily be on the hot seat.

Dienhart: Ranking 2012 Big Ten games Part I " Big Ten Network

TIL, The Big Ten Network's Tom Dienhart has a 96th favorite Big Ten team involving game. That game? The uber-sexy Idaho State v Nebraska matchup September 22nd. Get your kettle corn and buckle down for a Big Sky/Big Ten big tent.

Freeh probe into Penn State in the Sandusky case will focus on more than Joe Paterno - Yahoo! Sports

We've mostly steer cleared of this subject because while there's certainly much lessons to be taken from the tragedy of the entirety of the situation, there's a thin line between soapboxing and lobbing shamefully partisan schadenfreude grenades disguised as calls for justice. While saying things like "the worst is yet to come" is the least apropos kind of hyperbole given everything that community's been through, later this week could be particularly rough for our conference cousins in Happy Valley. Best of luck to all of the fans/alums who in fact had nothing in common but a school of affiliation with a sick man and the power drunk philistines who enabled him.


Baseball cards in Ohio attic might fetch millions - ESPN


Should I tell her that there are easier ways to rotate PDF files? - Imgur

Nah... (via)

When you're not busy listening to the new Dirty Projects or Frank Ocean records, the transformation to dime store Springsteen is complete: