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Blame Canada, NERRRRRDDDSSS, #Hashtag Buckeyes: Beat The Clock, 07/11/2012

Is this Matt Canada? Probably.
Is this Matt Canada? Probably.

Dienhart: Q&A with Wisconsin OC Matt Canada " Big Ten Network

But blaming Canada will be prcisely what Wisconsin fans (and general Big Ten observers) will be doing should the Badgers experience a drop off following the departure of Paul Chryst for the Pittsburgh head coaching job. Possessing arguably the most accomplished passer in the B1G in Danny O'Brien is a nice start plus returning a Heisman finalist at tailback never hurts, but what are we going to see in 2012 from the Badgers offense relative to what we saw in 2011?

Q: How will the offense be different than it was under Paul Chryst?
A: I think it's gonna be the same.

And there you have it.

Pre-Snap Read: A College Football Blog

The venerable Paul Myerberg deep dives on (just) Northwestern and lets us know that The Purple's offensive pedigree begins and ends with Kain Colter. In terms of where Myerberg sees the Wildcats' most probable 2012 outcome:

On paper, this isn't Fitzgerald's strongest team. But if the Wildcats start strong, this group could win eight games in the regular season. I don't think that N.U. opens 3-0, losing one early, but this team is good enough to win seven games.

Northwestern equilibrium. Forever and a day. Amen.

Besides, a worst case scenario would probably look something like this.

Ohio State Buckeyes assistant coach Zach Smith starts a Twitter trend with #BuckeyeNationProblems - ESPN

A light hearted read on Ohio State's wide receivers coach (who also happens to be Earl Bruce's grandson) and the shine he's taken to social media.

2012 Penn State Football Preview: This Is Not About That -

While Penn State (and the college football world) continues to wait for the Freeh report's finding, the Paterno camp continues to do everything in their power to preemptively play damage control on their fallen patriarch's image. This is not an article about that nightmare, but instead one about the uphill on the field battle facing Bill O'Brien.


On the trail of the Piggyback Bandit - Grantland

A bizarre, compelling read on the folk song-esque tale of a lost soul.

Cuz, you know. .. . .. . ..bear dig that sort of shit.

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