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If You Had Any Doubts Ann Arbor Wasn't The Whitest Place On Earth, Think Again

Michigan walk ons quarterback Jack Kennedy (heh) and wide receiver Joe Reynolds are dead determined to remind you that while white folks across the rest of the cultured world may have moved on from that time in their lives when Jason Mraz dominated airwaves, Ann Arbor, Michigan can never forget:

And you don't blink or you'll miss Denard Robinson's cameo as a Lil Wayne impersonator riding a skateboard across Michigan's campus:


I, for one, see no way the life blood of your entire offensive identity as a football program riding a skateboard could possibly end in tragedy. Nope. None.

As Ohio State and Michigan continue to embrace eras in which both schools no longer rely on their world class bands to set the mood, but instead pipe in prefabricated contemporary (but never current) pop hits to try and pump up their respective home crowds, we could be so lucky if JDK & Rey's vocal stylings usher in a new era of meta crowd wooing. M Go Third Eye Blind's Blue.