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Jordan Hall Medical Redshirt?, Post-Surgery Aaron Craft Stronger Than Ever, Sully As A Celtic: Beat The Clock, 07/02/2012

Ohio State Buckeyes expect Jordan Hall out until Week 3, source says - ESPN

Ohio State officials speaking to ESPN's Joe Schad feel that the damage to Jordan Hall's foot is "extensive" and are preemptively planning for a week 3 return at the earliest. Previously Hall himself had been saying he hoped to return for the season opener against Miami University though we said a Week 2 return might even be optimistic. It sounds like the specific are even worse with Ohio State stating they're even prepared for Hall to need to be medical redshirted if need be.

That'd be a huge loss for the Bucks though, you know, Year Two, Year Two, Year Two... I've heard worse ideas, anyways.

Aaron Craft still tougher than you - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN

SPOILER ALERT: The point guard opposing teams (and their fans) love to hate will be even better (and healthier) in 2012:

Still, every once in a while, you'd notice Craft get up from a play and limp on his ankle, almost immediately after which he would simply continue playing. You couldn't help but wonder if Craft used to be one of those 12-year-old kids to whom every would-be-injury instinctively caused a limp, and whether he still had a tick to this effect. Plenty do. But it was never a big enough deal to actually think about, and besides, there was always a game to watch. Play on.

As it turns out, any such suspicions would have been ridiculous. Why? Craft was hurt. He just always played through the pain.

As the Columbus Dispatch's Bob Baptist learned Monday, Craft had surgery on June 18 to repair a bone chip that had been floating in his ankle since his high school career. When Craft would limp during games, it was because "he turned the ankle wrong just a certain way" and "that small piece of bone would get jammed back on his tibia and it would cause excruciating pain," Craft's father, John Craft, told Baptist.

The injury has been around forever, but coaches and doctors couldn't convince Craft to fix it until this summer, when Ohio State coach Thad Matta called John Craft and asked him to persuade his son to take two weeks off to fix the issue.

Good thing Trey Burke's better, am I right?

Looking good, BB!

With Kevin Garnett (and potentially Ray Allen) returning for the Celtics, Sullinger's fall due to health reasons may work out in his favor yet.

BTN Programming: Is There Bias in Team Coverage? - Black Shoe Diaries

Interesting data from a BSD reader and hey, speaking of that, fan posts are a great way for you to introduce yourself to the community and, I don't know, maybe contribute to a site at some point down the road? I'm just spit balling here.

Okay, Under Armour Is Doing Something Nuts With Northwestern's New Uniforms - Sippin' On Purple

Prepare for the we-must-protect-this-house-ification of jNWU.


David Longstreth of Dirty Projectors on the New Album -

Go go go, hurry hurry hurry.

New Blur? New Blur: