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Big Ten Beat Writers Love Michigan, Wisconsin (Obv.): Beat The Clock, 07/25/2012

Two teams enter, one team leaves for Pasadena.
Two teams enter, one team leaves for Pasadena.

Big Ten beat writers pick Indiana last in Leaders, Michigan to beat Wisconsin for title | The Hoosier Scoop

Obvious headlines are obvious. The Big Ten writers see the divisions/league playing out as follows:

Team (First-place votes) Points
1. Wisconsin (19) 139
2. Ohio State (5) 125
3. Purdue 79
4. Illinois 72
5. Penn State 65
6. Indiana 24
Team (First-place votes) Points
1. Michigan (16) 134
2. Michigan State (7) 120
3. Nebraska (1) 104
4. Iowa 72
5. Northwestern 51
6. Minnesota 24

Title-game winner: Michigan over Wisconsin (10 votes).
Offensive MVP: Montee Ball, Wisconsin (14 votes).
Defensive MVP: William Gholston, Michigan State (11 votes).

Braxton Miller received offensive MVP votes while Johnathan Hankins and John Simon both received votes for defensive MVP. Ball over Shoelace is a bit of a surprise, though the guy was a Heisman finalist and all.

UNIVERSITY PARK: Agreement: Bill O'Brien's contract at Penn State extended automatically to match postseason ban | Football |

The only good thing to come out of the sanctions for Bill O'Brien was additional job security. By virtue of the full court PR press he's been on during the last 48-72 hours, assuming he does remotely *anything* on the field, he might just be worth it.

Former Penn State University president Graham Spanier to begin new job for federal government |

I mean, at least our state secrets will be safe.


OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion review | The Verge

Should you buy it? It's cheap. So probably.

Why people stopped watching History Channel : AdviceAnimals

I miss the days of all-nazis/all-Jesus all the time.

The most absolutely absurd thing you will watch/listen to today. Guaranteed.