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Big Ten Media Days 2012: Day 2 -- John Simon, Zach Boren, Etienne Sabino

Never boring, always Boren.
Never boring, always Boren.

The Big Ten's second day of media days is not unlike "It's Just Lunch": basically reporters swing from table to table where individual players/coaches are positioned, they ask a few questions, and then move on to the next one. And then there's even lunch.

In an effort to reduce the signal to noise ratio, here's some of the better/more interesting aspects of the league's annual talking points pants party in the midwest's capital:


Kovacs is pretty clearly college football's Aaron Craft: adored by those that follow and root for him; abjectly hated by absolutely everyone else.

John Simon doing his best impersonation of a hit man. The actual hits are just a few short weeks away.

In a surprise to no one, Simon also works out a lot. Like a lot a lot. You can also write your own jokes with this one. And Steve Miller? He's gonna fly, man.

Urban Meyer, looking positively Urban Meyer-y. In related news, players should expect hell, beginning August 3rd.

Meyer also took the opportunity to troll Ohio State fans everywhere. He also mentinoed LeBron again. Unchill, coach. Most unchill. The Kenny Guiton love train roared into Chicago as well after making appearance a week or so back. If Braxton Miller is hobbled at any point, perhaps Buckeye fans need not immediately turn to the hemlock.

Meyer also mentioned that Nathan Williams is ahead of schedule and should make an impact for the Buckeyes this fall. He also mentioned that Pat Eflein, Jacoby Boren, and Joey O'Connor will all miss the start of camp due to injury.

Also looks like the Bucks could be seeing a ton of carries in the form of El Guapo (and then Jordan Hall potentially after he returns from that gruesome foot injury).

Besides the arrests and all, how was the play Mrs. Lincoln?

The O-Zone's Tony Gerdeman and I chatted yesterday about how Boren might be used. Expect carries, potential slot lineups/tight end alignments, and maybe even some wildcat hotness from what might just turn into Tom Herman and Meyer's favorite weapon.

Looks like someone just violated the first rule of leadership committee.

Should Hall stumble back or not recover as quickly as it seems his rehab appears to be going, sounds like Brionte Dunn is seizing the moment and embracing the opportunity's fate's provided.

Boren's also as positively giddy about Braxton Miller's ceiling as the rest of us are.

So what about that Sabino cat? One of the team's hardest hitters, it should be interesting to see if he can finally play his way into the extremely lofty expectations Ohio State fans had for him before he arrived on campus. It's basically now or never at this point. We leave with a moment of levity:

BRADY HOKE AS A DINOSAUR DOT JPEG. RIP, Big Ten Media Days 2012. See you next year.