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Report: Ohio State Running Back Bri'onte Dunn "Unlikely To Face Any Drug Charges"

Your move, Urban.
Your move, Urban.

Via the Canton Repository, Ohio State freshman running back Bri'onte Dunn's home town paper (and the media of record that has pretty much owned this entire story), per local law enforcement, it seems unlikely at this juncture that Bri'otne Dunn will face any punishment for his drug and drug paraphernalia charges from over the weekend.

We speculated that given the likely less than a gram or two amount (as the drugs in question was said to be "in the seat and under the floor mats") of drugs said to be possessed meant it was unlikely Dunn would face those respective charges. Apparently though Dunn was consistent throughout his cooperation with the police insisting that the paraphernalia wasn't his either. Dunn's mother was said to have shown on up the scene and testified that the trace amounts of marijuana and paraphernalia were in fact hers:

"His statement is consistent that he denies possession of the objects," Zumbar said. "He was polite during the entire stop. Otherwise his demeanor was unremarkable in terms of his conduct."

The law director has the final determination on what charges to file. Dunn's mother, Donna, arrived at the scene of the traffic stop, Zumbar said, and said the minute amount or marijuana was present in the vehicle previous to Dunn using it.

So does this mean that Dunn will be in the clear as far as team punishment goes? Simply getting cited with the crimes may be enough for Meyer, et al to make an example of Dunn and try to encourage his players to not put themselves in situations like the one Dunn found himself in in the first place. The parent factor certainly complicates this line of thinking.

While this sort of scenario ordinarily reads like a textbook case for "being handled internally" (see: stairs and lots of them), if Dunn can convince coaches that he genuinely didn't know prior, there might be an early morning run or two but little beyond that.

Should Meyer's staff elect a specific public punishment, we'll update you accordingly as well as discuss what it could mean to an already injury hampered Ohio State running back corp.