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My Post-Season Has A First Name, Summer League Buckeyes, The Opening's, Uh, Opening: Beat The Clock, 07/06/2012

Other notable NCS' include:

  • The National Compensation Survey - Hey, in a way, that's precisely what this is.
  • The National Cartoonists' Society - No one man is funnier than Jim Delany. No one.
  • The National Center for Simulation - Meow.
  • The NATO Codification System - #Illuminati
  • The North Carolina Symphony - Bittersweet, as no school from North Carolina will ever be anywhere near it.
  • The National Crime Squad - /Clay Travis joke'd.
  • The Newark Light Rail - Comparable in quality across the board.
  • Northside Christian School - Ahem, they prefer to be called Notre Dame, thanks.

Summer League NBA Buckeyes:

We mentioned previously that David Lighty was Atlanta bound and that Othello Hunter would be playing for the Celtics. Following the Joe Johnson trade, Lighty had an understandable change of heart:

Oh and hey, THAT guy:

Buford's attitude of all things drew criticism during the NBA try out process. Here's hoping KAAAAAAAAAHNNN and co. provide just the fresh start he needs.

Your daily The Opening, 2012:

That's... Well those are numbers. Supposedly Nike's camp metrics get extra precise [via science and lasers], but alas, who's to say they aren't aerodynamically wind/Gator-aided and... I just can't will myself to care about whatever those metrics mean.

Suddenly high on Ohio State (allegedly) LB Mike Mitchell draws rave reviews, however. So there's that.

Ohio State verbal offer is now on crutches after an injury but is speaking openly of taking an Ohio State visit July 16th. Best of luck to him in his recovery.


Gnome Life

Incredibly disappointed this wasn't my idea.

YOUR BCS TEAM AS A DRUG - Every Day Should Be Saturday

While I may or may not have had a hand in this, if nothing else, I can have a hand in setting off your office's work filters and convince your employers you have a drug problem.

You haven't watched Shutdown Fullback yet today? What the hell is wrong with you?