How does it feel?

First of all, I am a diehard Purdue fan. I became one during my freshman year at Purdue while the Baby Boilers were tearing up the conference before Hummels ACL tear (The memory of both tears has scarred me for life). Now, you may be wondering why a Purdue fan is posting on this site. Fair question. Basically, I am curious as to how you guys feel about Ohio State's inexplicably dismal 2-4 record at Ross-Ade since 2000. As I'm sure you guys are aware some of these loses weren't just against the let's-face-it bad Ohio State team of 2012 and the like. Remember the 2009 upset of #7 Ohio State by the 1-5 Boilers? I do. I had a ticket but didn't go because I thought we were going to get stomped on. Still regret that one haha. Anyways, Purdue's downright weird domination of Ohio State at Ross-Ade has been a bit of a water cooler topic between some buddies and I as we try to survive the soul crushing football-less summer and I was curious to see if you guys had any thoughts on it? By the way, I hope this comes off as reasonably respectful. Not trying to start anything negative. Mostly, I'm just bored during my lunch break lol.

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