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Joey Bosa Is An Absolute Monster, Friday Night Lights Coming Into Picture: Beat The Clock, 07/09/2012

Joey Bosa will absolutely destroy you:

Arguably Ohio State's second best commit in the Class of 2013 to date, you just watched Bosa squat 500 lbs 13 times. That's a feat even internet squatting legend Rick Muscles could appreciate.

The guest list at Ohio State's inaugural Friday Nights Lights on July 27th, 2012 is growing by the day:

There'll be more on this open and free to the public event as it draws nearer.

Is Andrew Wiggins considering reclassifying? | CollegeBasketballTalk

It's becoming more and more normal but doing it mid-season? That's not only permissible but academically doable? I personally didn't know many (any?) high school juniors able to place out of their entire senior season and it's even harder to imagine many athletes having the academic wherewithal.

Celtics' Sullinger old acquaintances with Framingham's Clouse - Framingham, MA - The MetroWest Daily News

A great read on Sully's origin story. And speaking of one of the newest Celtics...

Celtics Beat Thunder: Orlando Summer League First Impressions - CelticsBlog

Jared Sullinger is proving his doubters wrong. He's a load to handle in the paint (going 7-7 from the free throw line) and his jumper looks good and he can put it on the floor (shooting 6-12), but he needs to continue to lose weight and become more agile laterally. There were several times when he showed hard on a pick-and-roll and backpedaled out of control in recovery. Offensively though, he's a stud. The kid just knows how to play. He's got four months to trim down and knowing how he's played the disrespect card after falling in the draft to #21, we can hopefully expect Sullinger to find meaningful minutes when the season starts.

Freakonomics » How Much Do Football Wins Pay Off for a College?

...And for the first time, I'm (in the most tangential of senses) using my college degree to go along with writing about the sports I love most. Who says college doesn't pay, kids?

Which 2012 Teams Fit the National Championship Mold?

The Oracle is favorable towards MIchigan, Michigan State, and Nebraska.


No, money down!

Never forget.

Is the Galaxy Nexus still the best Android phone? | The Verge

The H is O, Galaxy Nexus owners (or prospective ones).

A Monday PM slow jam to take you home: