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Did ESPN All-Access: Ohio State Training Days Reveal New Uniforms For 2012 Or Beyond?

We know Urban Meyer likes large, blown up pictures hanging around his office. Could his penchant for such photographs have inadvertently revealed some newly rechristened Ohio State uniforms fresh down the pipes from Nike just in time for his first season as the Buckeyes' head coach?

As first noticed by intrepid reader @parker45, pictured above Urban's right shoulder is what appears to be a Nike design template for what might just be a modified, new look for the Buckeyes for the coming (or a future) football season.


The primary difference in the new design appears to be larger-than-recent-history shoulder numbers. These are far more reminiscent of the mid-90's look for the Ohio State Buckeyes when the football team regularly wore the likes of these:


(Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

One of the other noticeable tweaks is a more streamlined pants stripe. The pants themselves also appear to be a touch darker (which is not uncommon as Nike routinely modifies the look and material of the team's pants). Ohio State wore the following in 2011:


(Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

Of course images from the team's picture day over the weekend would seem to indicate otherwise. There's always the possibility, however, that these designs could be for a future iteration of the jerseys.

What say you? Red Scarlet herring, or did Urbz provide a spoiler into a possible new look for the 2012 (or later) Buckeyes?