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Storm Klein Reinstated To The Ohio State Buckeyes Football Team

Storm Klein is a Buckeye once again.
Storm Klein is a Buckeye once again.

As first reported by Tim May of the Columbus Dispatch and then followed up by Rusty Miller of the Associated Press, Urban Meyer has reinstated dismissed linebacker Storm Klein. Klein, who previously was arraigned on charges of domestic violence, had since had those charges dropped and pleaded down to a charge of misdemeanor disorderly conduct. Klein will serve a minimum two-game suspension in lieu of the run in with the law according to an athletic department release.

Klein was first arrested last month after an incident with the mother of his child. The accuser later altered her story in court which allowed Klein and his attorney the legal leeway to negotiate with prosecutors for a plea to a lesser offense. Urban Meyer had been pretty clear from the very beginning that as long as the domestic violence charges didn't stick, Klein would have a strong chance for having his scholarship reinstated. Per his word, after 24 hours in which it wasn't entirely clear if Ohio State would want Klein back (who'd lost his job due to injury and mild ineffectiveness in the 2011 season), Klein is now back on an Ohio State team that was relatively shallow experience wise at the linebacker position.

Did Meyer make the right decision? Will Klein help Ohio State even if not as a starter?