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Terrelle Pryor Might Just Have This Whole Football Thing Down Yet

Terrelle Pryor. NFL quarterback.
Terrelle Pryor. NFL quarterback.

So, color me confused. Wasn't the narrative just 24 hours ago that Terrelle Pryor's lack of sophistication as a passer, his inability to read defenses (which, yanno, was sort of a byproduct of the offensive brain trust tutoring him at the previous level), and the time lost from suspension was supposed to be just too much for him to overcome in the professional ranks? "Pryor will never start a game in the NFL," multiple Ohio State beat types proclaimed. And then, there was Saturday night (well, on the east coast at least).

Terrelle Pryor showed there was still some fight in him yet, essentially having his way with the Detroit Lions in the process. TP completed 3-of-5 passes for 137 yards, 2 TDS, 0 INTs, and also rushed for 90 (!) yards on just 5 carries including a TD on the ground to help lead the Raiders to a 31-20 victory over the Lions.

Trailing by a field goal, Terrelle Pryor scrambled 59 yards and letter shook off a would be sack en route to a 17-yard TD run. Check out the jaw dropping TD setup scramble:


Pryor also threw (an admittedly wounded duck of) a 39-yard TD to Juron Criner, who made an athletic adjustment in his own right to haul in the pass:


He would later hook up with Criner again on 76-yard TD connection. Guess we'll all have to think twice about crapping on ol' TP during our dynasty draft like, oh, I don't know, this author did just hours ago.

Not bad, TPeezy. Not bad at all.