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The Best Ohio State News/Writing Of August 27

Get up to speed on the day that was.
Get up to speed on the day that was.

Why hello there. You might remember a little feature we ran up until about three weeks ago called "Beat The Clock". Much as you graduated from ever going to Four Kegs (or any of its many reincarnations) ever again for the rest of your personal maturation arc, we've grown up too. In its place, you'll now find "The Best Ohio State News/Writing Of [Insert Date]". Don't worry, we won't restrict ourselves to strictly Ohio State, but basically any college sports specific articles, some broader Ohio-centric or otherwise sports pieces, and maybe even some pop culture stuff will all be fair game.

Without further adieu, we know you've got an Instapaper queue that needs updating, and Twitter for iPhone and Android don't cache that far back. Let's get at it.


Brad Bournival of BuckeyeNation sits down with incoming freshman lineman Taylor Decker to talk about his adjustment to college life and what he foresees in both the 2012 season and beyond for he and the Buckeyes.

BuckeyeNation: Brad Bournival - Entrance Exam: Taylor Decker ($$$)

BN: Now you see yourself on the depth chart. You'll probably see the field this year. What does that mean?

Decker: I don't think it will really hit me until we run on that field and have all those fans screaming. It's just like the spring game. You just take it all in. It's like, 'Wow, this is big time. This is something great that I get to be a part of.' I'm very happy with where I am on the depth chart. I'm very thankful for where I am on the depth chart, but I'm still working hard to move up. I think once some games start, it will truly hit me.


Those who elected to go with Dish Network as their cable subscriber may feel a lot like many Time Warner Cable subscribers did back in 2008 when the Big Ten Network hadn't been fully disseminated to the masses yet.

The Columbus Dispatch: Bill Rabinowitz - Ohio State football notebook: Dish might miss opener

The five-year contract that BTN and Dish signed when the network was launched expires on Friday, the day before the Buckeyes' opener.

BTN Vice President Elizabeth Conlisk said yesterday that negotiations continue, "but we felt it important to alert fans of this possibility."

"We have offered proposals that are consistent with current market value for the network. Dish is looking at preferential treatment and looking at terms that are significantly below market value."


After the two were named co-starters at tight end, the post-Jake Stoneburner-era at Ohio State is in full swing with both Nick Vannett and Jeff Heuerman laying claim to be Ohio State's one true tight end.

The Columbus Dispatch: Bill Rabinowitz - Ohio State football: Tight ends transition to new role

"Right now, we won't name a starter because I don't know who it is," Meyer said in his most-recent media availability a week ago.

The 6-foot-5, 250-pound Heuerman, who showed a lot of promise in training camp last year, was slowed this summer by a minor hamstring issue that Meyer said has healed.

Given more reps, Vannett took advantage.

"He's one of the most-improved guys on the team," Meyer said.


Despite a career that's seen a lot of change and many ups and down, Miami quarterback Zac Dysert still thinks Miami is headed towards a potential MAC Championship.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer: Elton Alexander - Change doesn't throw Miami QB Zac Dysert off path

Dysert said this summer he spent a lot of time in the film room, getting familiar with the defenses that teams are going to run, "just becoming a student of the game pretty much."

This coincides with the fact that Miami's offense to a great degree has been put into Dysert's hands. "This year, they have opened it up a lot more for me, to make my own decisions on the fly," Dysert said. "I definitely love that. With a year in the system, and coach Bath, it makes it a lot easier for me now to make the checks, to know what I need to get into."

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