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Pray For The Michigan Wolverines: The Most Troubling Thing You Will See Today

Watched the video below.
Watched the video below.

We've covered the not-so-secret matter of fact that Ann Arbor, Michigan is a damned and forgotten place so sorely lacking pigment that even the palest of specimens stops and thinks to themselves after surveying the landscape, "gosh, these people are exceptionally white."

And yet, every time we think it can't possibly get any whiter, Wolverine apostles appear from the wet work to speak and remove all doubts.

WARNING: Land-Grant Holy Land does not recommend you watch this video before, after, or while eating. If you have a particularly sensitive stomach and/or are taking certain medications, do not watch this video without first speaking to your physician. If you're pregnant or expecting to be pregnant at any point during your life, it might be for the best that you just never hit the play button underneath. Ever. Under any circumstances. Just don't do it. In fact, regardless of sex, marital status, creed, religion, or biological make up, viewer discretion is extremely advised.