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The Best Of The Start Of Ohio State Football Fall Camp, 2012

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So close, yet so far.
So close, yet so far.

Ohio State's first fall training camp under Urban Meyer kicked off bright and early at 6 a.m. at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center near the campus of The Ohio State University Friday morning.

While the closest we'll likely get to seeing the action is ESPN's forthcoming in-depth look at the training camp, in the meantime, the post-practice media session provided some gems worth checking out:

The players themselves seem thrilled with their efforts:

Meta tweet is meta:

As pointed out by the esteemed Chad Peltier, weight loss seems to be an early recurring theme under the Mickey Marotti/Sarah Wick leadership:

The culture of fake 40's also seems as prominent under Urban at Ohio State as it was at Florida.

The best of the rest: