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2012 College Football TV Schedule: Week 1

Michigan-Alabama highlights college football's week one viewing schedule.
Michigan-Alabama highlights college football's week one viewing schedule.

College football's inaugural week is in full stride. Many of you saw Vanderbilt make South Carolina not look very much like a Top 10 football team, and an elite class of super striders made it all the way through all three overtimes of Minnesota-UNLV. But there's plenty more action where that came from and plenty of other must see football games to take in this weekend.

Where to start:

So what are we, your fearless Land-Grant Holy Land staffers, consuming this weekend?
Matt (Sweet Home Chicago, IL)
Friday Night--Boise St and Michigan State
Saturday Early Shift--Nacy and Notre Dame, then Bucks and Miami at the local Buckeye Alumni Bar.
Saturday Night Shift--Actually headed to the South Side to watch Chicago's actual Big Ten Team, the University of Chicago face Beloit. If I time the CTA correctly, I'll watch the end of Michigan and Alabama too.
Monday-Georgia Tech and Va Tech.

Chris W. (Columbus, OH)
Watching Miami-Ohio State from 18A. Really not interested in watching other games, especially when High Street will be swamped with girls in shorts so small their jersey hangs below. I may watch my fist pump excessively, however.

Chris K. (Columbus, OH)
Boise State-Sparty, Navy-ND, Miami-Ohio State, Alabama-Michigan (ROLLLLLLL DAMN BEAT BRADY HOKE), GaTech-VaTech. The least laborious of Labor Days evar!!!!

Chip (Avon Lake, OH)
Friday night to watch Boise State/Michigan State. Start off Saturday morning, making breakfast while I watch Notre Dame and Navy in Ireland. Of course, there is supposedly something happening at noon that will consume my complete undivided attention. And at 8pm, I will tune in to see something possibly too ferocious for viewing, when Alabama will annihilate Michigan on national television. Maybe I will try to find something a little tamer, like watching baby seals get clubbed over the head.

Eric (Columbus, OH)
Boise vs MSU Friday night. On Saturday, Auburn-Clemson, then Michigan-Alabama. Sunday: SMU-Baylor, Monday: Georgia Tech-Va Tech.

Ian (Columbus, OH)

Friday: Boise State-Michigan State Saturday: Miami (OH)-Ohio State, Ohio-Penn State, Southern Miss-Nebraska, Murray State-Florida State (Jaamal Berry is Murray State's RB...I can't help myself) Auburn-Clemson, Alabama-Michigan, Arkansas State-Oregon Monday: Georgia Tech-Virginia Tech

Luke (Washington D.C.)
N.C. State-Tennessee (Friday), Boise State-Michigan State (Friday), Navy-Notre Dame, Miami (OH)-Ohio State, Southern Miss-Nebraska, Auburn-Clemson, Alabama-Michigan, Arkansas State-Oregon, Kentucky-Louisville (Sunday), SMU-Baylor (Sunday), Georgia Tech-Virginia Tech (Monday). Help me. I have a problem.