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The Best Ohio State News/Writing Of September 10

Brutus Buckeye. Pulitzer prize winning photographer.
Brutus Buckeye. Pulitzer prize winning photographer.

We're still in the process of fully fleshing out this feature. We want to provide a link to some of the best, most pertinent Ohio State/college athletics/meta articles/news and long reads of the day, but we also want it to generate conversation/engagement and not be TL;DR (too long, didn't read). If you have any suggestions, feel free to chime in in the comments below.

Ohio State football: Even with 2-0 record, plenty of questions | Buckeye Xtra Sports

Another week, another laundry list of questions. Who'll carry the workman's load at tailback?

Carlos Hyde out for Ohio State, Jordan Hall possible as the Buckeyes look for a running back |

We know Carlos Hyde's out; can Jordan Hall make an impact if rusty?

Big Ten Week 3 preview - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

Brian Bennett thinks Cal's suspect D could spell disaster in a road game against the Bucks. If Ohio State loses though, the Big Ten may even be worse off than we ever thought possible.

Cal Vs. Ohio State: Golden Bears Face Tough Road Block With Buckeyes - SB Nation Bay Area

SB Nation Bay Area has a quick look at Cal's tough test heading to Columbus.

How To Beat Alabama: All-Access Look At Preparing For The Tide -

An incredible feature from SB Nation's own Steven Godfrey on the impermanence of Alabama's immortality.

SB Nation United: the big rebrand | Vox Product

You saw what's next for us; learn all about the designer who's helping to make it a reality.