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Today In Mind Numbing Stupidity: Tim Brando Condemns Urban Meyer For 'Politicking To Play For A Big Ten Title'

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Some things are too stupid to be described and have to be seen to be believed:

So, um, about that:

-Urban Meyer has never once campaigned to play in the Big Ten title game, win a division championship, or otherwise. He's gone record as saying he and Gene Smith were both caught off guard by the NCAA's sanctions, calling them a "punch to the gut". But he has consistently (and since the beginning) accepted them:

"I'm not going to worry about what I can't control," Meyer said, "so we're going to worry about tomorrow, not yesterday. There were mistakes made. You handle it and move on and go forward because players need to follow the leadership of the coach."

-Ohio State never played illegal players in the Sugar Bowl. The Sugar Bowl, the Big Ten, the SEC, and the NCAA knew the rules the "Tatgate Five" had violated and knew they had competed ineligibly during the 2010 season. However, they collectively decided ($$$) any punishments wouldn't begin until the following season.

-While Meyer had nothing to do with Ohio State's player's illegal participation during the 2010 seasonnor Jim Tressel's willing decision to sit on information the athletic department should've known and acted on, again, Meyer has never said anything about wanting to manipulate the situation whatsoever to allow Ohio State to compete for a division/conference/national championship or otherwise. In fact, Ohio State didn't even appeal their sanctions.

-ESPN's Adam Rittenberg reached out to the Big Ten league office for clarity on whether or not Ohio State or Penn State would be eligible to be named Division champions even though they were ineligible for the league's title game and the post season. The league said yes, and that teams not named division champions who finished second after them would be eligible to compete for the conference crown despite not actually winning their own divisions. It was also revealed that should Ohio State or Penn State find themselves in that scenario, they'd actually receive commemorative hardware for their division titles.

-Meyer himself (long before the proclamation) has made it clear the onus of finding ways to motivate his team towards season's end was on him.

-Aaron Taylor: "Leaving schools strategically, picking his points of entry and exit." Yeah...At least Taylor thinks Meyer will win a national championship at Ohio State, I guess.

Maybe we should know better than to give either of these guys enough credit to think they'd actually read the original story, much less understand the reality of the situation than merely conjure a lazy minded narrative of their own based on a headline.