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2012 College Football TV Schedule: Week 3


If you watched last night's Rutgers/South Florida game in its entirety like we did, congrats. The first step is admitting you have a problem (pssssst, we did too). But now what are you going to watch for the rest of the weekend? As it usually the case with these things called weekends in the fall, we've got a hefty load of interest making match ups.

Cal-Ohio State is a nice appetizer to get things started. But if those don't do it for you, there's always Wake Forest-Florida State, which inexplicably is interesting seemingly year in year out. Then you've got Alabama-Arkansas, Texas A&M-SMU, Florida-Tennessee, Notre Dame-Michigan State, and plenty of others. Nothing making you lick your lips at face value though? We can help with that:

But what about the Land-Grant Holy Land staff? What are we taking in?

Matt (Evanston, IL)
Cal/OSU, Alabama/Arkansas, then checking my cell phone furiously for USC/Stanford and ND/Michigan State updates.

Chris W. (Columbus)

Cal-OSU in the 'Shoe. Nothing for the 3:30 games 'cause "noon kicks are brutal if you do Friday right," someone wise said (and I'll need a nap.) SC-Stanford.

Chris K. (C-bus):

A friend of mine is having a birthday golf outing tomorrow. It starts at 9am. With any luck, the cops won't take my phone and I can get keep track of whatever of OSU/Cal I miss live, and hopefully I'll be bailed out early enough to watch Sparty Rock bust up those Gold Domers in the night shift. I'm preemptively doing a Kickstarter to cover said bail.

Ted (Suburban St Louis)

OSU/Cal, WMU/Minnesota, and I'll watch Alabama get upset by Arkansas, because you know that's just what's gonna happen. John L., everyone. Oh and MSU-ND; I want to see Sparty crush the potato eaters.

Eric (Columbus)
Cal-OSU, (insert afternoon ABC game here), then ND-Sparty and UF-UT while being out at some local watering holes.

Ian (Columbus)

Ohio State vs Cal, Alabama vs Arkansas, USC vs Stanford, Notre Dame vs Michigan State

Luke (Washington, D.C.)

Washington State at UNLV, California at Ohio State, Alabama at Arkansas, Florida at Tennessee, Arizona State at Missouri, Notre Dame at Michigan State, Texas at Ole Miss, BYU at Utah, Houston at UCLA, and an illegal stream of Lamar at Hawaii.