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California Golden Bears Vs #13 Ohio State Buckeyes GameThread

Get your hippie repellent.
Get your hippie repellent.

California Golden Bears at The Ohio State Buckeyes

Date: Saturday, September 15, 2012 | 12:00 PM EST
Location: Ohio Stadium Columbus, OH
Weather: 61° F/ Clear
Captains: Cal names weekly captains rather than season team captains. John Simon, Zach Boren, Etienne Sabino, Garrett Goebel, and Jordan Hall (Ohio State).
TV: ABC - Time Warner Columbus/Delaware 1006 HD/6 SD, WOW! 206 HD/6 SD, DirecTV 6, DISH 6
Radio: 97.1 FM, The Ohio State Radio Network

The California Golden Bears enter Columbus as Ohio State's "premiere" non-conference opponent for the 2012 football season. And no, you won't be blamed if you're not full of the same enthusiasm the huge games of yesteryear left you. While the Ohio Stadium crowd likely struggles to bring their A-game for the third time in as many weeks, the Ohio State football players won't have the same luxury. Braxton Miller may have to continue to shoulder the load to the tune of 20-25 plus carries, while Bri'onte Dunn will have to grow up in a hurry as the expected primary non-Miller ballcarrier for the Bucks. Defensively, the once vaunted defensive line won't have a better jumping off point than now against an Cal offensive line that's been more miss than hit to point on the young 2012 season. And given the talent threshold of the Cal receivers, a hot-and-cold secondary can't afford to be the latter. Besides, there's no 12-0 without 3-0.

The road to year two rages on. Your Cal game thread is here. Share your likes, dislikes, joys, let downs, and of course the finest animated gifs the Internet has to offer in the comments below. Remember to always pay it forward. If John Cooper would think you were being a jerk to your fellow commenter, you probably are.