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College Football News, Scores, & Analysis: The Solid Verbal On SB Nation, Week 3

The best of the best of the best, sir.
The best of the best of the best, sir.

Look, let's not kid ourselves. You're probably a religious listener of the podcast. It's the best of the best and if you aren't listening to each episode, you're short changing yourself. So what happens when you take The Solid Verbal's Dan Rubenstein and Ty Hildenbrandt in front of a camera for a live college football show you can listen to while you watch the end of the 3:30 games and get ready for the big PM ones (see: Notre Dame v. Michigan State)? You get the Solid Verbal on SB Nation, a one of a kind live college football news, scores, and analysis show you won't want to miss. Follow the show on Twitter to stay up to speed and join in on the action!

The show will kick off in the YouTube embed below at 7 p.m. ET, right around the time the biggest 3:30 ET games end and just before the huge night games really get going:

The Solid Verbal, the world's finest college football podcast, is back again on SB Nation this Saturday evening.

A loaded Week 3 schedule, including Florida-Tennessee, USC-Stanford and Alabama-Arkansas means Dan Rubenstein and Ty Hildenbrandt will have plenty to discuss, along with the big night game between Notre Dame and Michigan State.

As always, follow @SolidVerbal and get yourself involved!

Don't forget to subscribe to SB Nation on YouTube and catch @DanRubenstein and @TyHildenbrandt on Twitter. Thanks for watching!