Is The SEC Beginning To Decline?

Ohio State fans have had their fill of hearing about the excellence of the SEC. We have to hear about how they are faster than us, how they are bigger, more athletic and hell, during the whole tattoo scandal we had to hear about they were better at violating NCAA rules than us. The SEC certainly deserves praise as the conference has boasted eight national champions in twelve years of the BCS system, but their claim to fame has also been the depth of their conference. But that trade mark depth is starting to disappear.

To be clear I am not claiming that SEC is on the verge of becoming Conference USA, it is very clearly fielding two, if not three, of the best teams in the nation. I am also not trying to justify the Big 10 somehow being better than the SEC, that would be absurd as the Big 10 appears to be hot garbage this year.

What I am saying is that there have been uncharacteristic cracks in the SEC's armor this year. Clearly UL Monroe's ability to beat a highly ranked Arkansas and then take Auburn to overtime has been a very publicized example of SEC struggles early this season. Then look at the beating an inconsistent Texas put on Ole Miss, Kentucky losing Western Kentucky and throw in that Texas A&M and Missouri, two teams that were predicted to struggle mightily against SEC teams looked very competitive in their debuts in the conference, and it really seems the SEC's vaunted depth is starting to show serious cracks.

A big part of this is recruiting, more and more teams are getting their hands in the cookie jar that is southern high school talent. The big name schools like Alabama and LSU are still getting top flight talent but it is getting more competitive for the smaller schools in the SEC as big name teams from other conferences are recruiting hard in southern states.

While I don't expect the SEC to suddenly become irrelevant, but the PAC 12 seems to be legitimate competition for the SEC currently for the title of deepest conference.

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