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Ohio State 8th In LGHL's Week 2 BlogPoll Top 25 Ballot

Ohio State moves up two slots to no. 8 in this week's LGHL BlogPoll Top 25 ballot.
Ohio State moves up two slots to no. 8 in this week's LGHL BlogPoll Top 25 ballot.

College football's first weekend has come and gone (okay, *almost* gone; we see you UK/UL, GT/VT). While we collectively enjoy our bratwursts and celebrate the achievements of the American working class by not working, let's take a look at how college football's national landscape measures up, shall we? Thoughts and analysis after the jump.

1-5: Yeah, yeah. The idiot who picked Texas number one is recanting... Well, kind of. Texas got off to a slow start for the second time in a half decade against Wyoming (this time at home), while Arkansas looked, um, not hot piss worthy against Jacksonville State. While I still think it's very possible the two come on (particularly if Arkansas can shock Alabama in a matter of weeks), I mentioned last week I'd adjust accordingly based on week in, week out performances.

While Alabama is likely nowhere near as good as they appeared to be in week one, they were the "most impressive" nationally, and deserve to be crowed accordingly. Can't wait to punish them for the inevitable 18-22 year old collective brain fart!

6-10: Oregon torched Arkansas State with flame throwers and then dropped an atom bomb on their ashy remains. So much for wanting to give Hugh Freeze/Gus Malzahn's collective Sun Belt potential power some Top 25 love. Florida State (and EJ Manuel) looked the part (that pick, tho.) and Ohio State handled Miami (Ohio) con gusto. Accordingly they get the LGHL bump, while Oklahoma, who struggled mightily against UTEP until late, and Georgia, who let a bad MAC team hang around unnecessarily long, get arbitrarily demoted in lieu of their lackluster W's.

11-15: Oklahoma State probably could've scored a hundred if they wanted, and given that they were starting a true freshman under center, I think that's pretty okay if I do say so myself. Dana Hologorsen's 'Neers also looked like a godless killing machine. Clemson gets a multi-spot promotion in lieu of maybe the most non-Alabama impressive W of the weekend. The Clemsoning waits, at least for another week. South Carolina outlasted what looks to be a very good Vandy team, but were thoroughly unimpressive in doing so. Wisconsin looked like abject horse shit barely surviving against an FCS side. Bret Bielabro, I believe I speak for everyone when I say: *fart noise*.

16-20: The Hokies benefit superficially for a W they don't even have yet, though I imagine if they fall flat on their face before a national audience on a Monday night again, we'll drop them down a peg (or six) before this ballot goes final. Sparty got a good win but looked insanely one dimensional in doing so. T-Magic looked like a real flesh and blood QB and, got damn, Michigan. Playing right into Bama's hand, no? As we've said elsewhere, they aren't that bad, but they'll have to earn their way back into the Legends champion discussion. Stanford? Well... At least most of them will leave with Stanford diplomas.

21-25: A whole lot of static. UF? Good luck with A&M next week. TCU? Bye week national champs. Notre Dame? Bye week national champs. Kansas State started slowly but closed strong. And hey there, Ohio. Penn State's nothing special, but they sure looked like a mid-major worth keeping an eye on (particularly that offense).

Thoughts? Feelings? How stupid are we this week?