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UAB Blazers Vs #15 Ohio State Buckeyes GameThread

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You're the best, around, nothing's ever gonna keep you down!
You're the best, around, nothing's ever gonna keep you down!

Hey! Ohio State is 3-0! They beat their big out of conference opponent and held off the threat of another palpable one. But it's panic time in C-bus! John Simon played hurt, but maybe he hurt Ohio State's chances because omginjury (or ***insert popular message board bold flavors***).

Whatever your garnish of mock outrage, abandon all derp ye who enter here. The Ohio State Buckeyes may not have a post season to play for, but they certainly sure have pride and next year to build a foundation for. Providing today's exhibition is Conference USA's University of Alabama-Birmingham Blazers. Ohio State is 36 point favorites. That's all you need to know.

You're going to watch this game. Ohio State is going to make a ton of highlight plays. They're going to win by a lot. And it's going to be cathartic. At least that's the hope. Whether it turns out to be trivial of travesty, join us won't you?

Below if your open thread. Remember: what would Woody do? If he'd think you're trolling, you probably are. Bring the best #hotsportstakes, snark, analysis, and animated GIFs or kindly show your self the door, sir/madame.

Go Bucks.