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All the GIFs you could possibly need from Ohio State vs. Michigan State

You could say that Ohio State's 17-16 victory over Michigan State was a very animated affair. You'd be lying.

Mike Carter-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Ohio State edged out an extremely hard fought 17-16 win over Michigan State this past Saturday in a contest that was every bit as defensive as expected. Of course there were some highlights, some lowlights, and about three distinct times were you felt like you were about to lose your lunch when Braxton Miller went down with what appeared in the moment to be a potentially devastating knee injury. There was also that whole petty game tape thing.

It's a cliche, sure, but while a win's a win (if say, you lose your star player for the year) may not always ring true, it is a platitude after all for a reason. With that, now that an adequate amount of time has passed, let's relive some of the key moments from Urban Meyer's inaugural Big Ten victory (and Ohio State's first of the 2012 football season).


Jordan Hall's early touchdown before he went down with an injury. Fortunately, by all accounts, it sounds like he should be good to go for the suddenly huge game with Nebraska next weekend.


While tackling was night and day better from a week prior against UAB, this was, well, not that.


Yes, yes, yes... NoooOoOooOoOOooOoooOo.


HNNNNGGGGGGG. That could've been way, way, worse. Fortunately Braxton is some kind of real life X-Man or something.


Devin Smith may not be all that funny, but at least he's fairly good at this whole rescuing Ohio State act.


If only Pat Narduzzi had had an extra two or three days to see the pre-snap shifts on that formation... Game, blouses.