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The Best Ohio State News/Writing Of September 4

Get caught up on the day that was in Ohio State news/reads.
Get caught up on the day that was in Ohio State news/reads.

It's Tuesday, but it sure feels like a Monday doesn't it? Pretty sweet little Labor Day weekend you had though. Ohio State won. And that whole not going to work thing yesterday? Solid. But what now? UCF is on the horizon. Coach Meyer's said it will be "a whole other animal". But what until then? Well, there's plenty of Ohio State reads to digest. See which in the last 24 hours or so should pique your interest.


As we mentioned yesterday, special teamer Craig Cataline, is, well, actually a rather special young man. After having served a tour in Iraq with the Navy, the older, wiser Cataline is making his presence known in the Scarlet & Gray for a "special forces" (as Urban Meyer has dubbed them) unit that helped set the tone this past Saturday.

The News Herald John Kampf Ohio State notes: Walkon who served a tour in Iraq is a ‘great story'

"Great story," Meyer said. "He earned that right, so it's a great story.

"It's what you would imagine a guy that served in the Navy for a while. He's tough as nails. He's completely committed, and incredible discipline and just goes a hundred miles an hour. I wish he was more athletic, because we'd find a way to get him on the field more. He's got some talent, and he's tough."


Sometimes you can't have the sweet without the sour. Ohio State trailed early in Saturday's contest, 3-0, and easily could've been 14-0. Urban Meyer didn't hate everything he saw in that regard, however.

The Columbus Dispatch Bill Rabinowitz Ohio State football: Meyer sees good in bad start

The coach in Meyer, who is trying not just to win a game but to re-establish the foundation of a championship program, didn’t mind. That Miami led 3-0, and should have led 14-0 if not for its own blunders, provided a test for the Buckeyes to show their mettle.

"I’m pleased with what happened," Meyer said during his weekly news conference yesterday. "I’m pleased we got thrown around a little bit and were actually losing in our home stadium in the first quarter.

"I didn’t like it at the time, but I think everybody got kind of hit in the face a little bit and responded."


We don't all always go from point a to point b. Kenny Guiton was somewhat the recruiting after thought; Ohio State wanted Andrew Hendrix, but when Hendrix didn't want Ohio State, Guiton, a 3-star from Houston was all the sudden headed to Columbus. Then Guiton didn't have the build to take the punishment of running a college offense. And then he was stuck behind the talented (and younger) Braxton Miller on the depth chart. Now Guiton is garnering praise from his teammates and coaches alike and has been dubbed "Coach Guiton" for his maturity beyond his years on the field.

The Columbus Dispatch Tim May Ohio State football notebook: Guiton gains respect of Meyer

"His nickname from this point forward is Coach Guiton," Meyer said yesterday.

He actually had tagged Guiton with it a little earlier, primarily because the junior kept his head in the game through the preseason, especially when he wasn't on the field. It paid off with Guiton playing well in relief of starter Braxton Miller in a 56-10 victory over Miami University on Saturday.

"He made a couple of checks out there, and he does it without the reps, so a lot of his things are mental reps," Meyer said. "So I really appreciate Kenny Guiton. He did a nice job."

Guiton likes the new nickname, and what it might portend.


There was some minor concerns behind the scenes that perhaps Urban Meyer's time away from the game wouldn't sync up with the (surprisingly) even more progressive offense approach of former Iowa & Rice turned Buckeyes offensive coordinator Tom Herman. That hasn't been an issue at all. Tight end coach Tim Hinton and Meyer alike speak to Herman's impressing them during the Buckeyes' season opener.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer Doug Lesmerisese Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer and offensive coordinator Tom Herman only have worked together for one game, but they called 86 plays and produced 56 points

"The play caller's got to be really sharp on that next call as soon as he makes the first call," said Hinton, who was seated next to Herman in the press box the entire game, while Meyer gave his suggestions and offered his vetoes from the field. "Sure, we're trying to ID the defense and see what the front is and the coverage and how they played it, but he's already thinking of that next call. It's amazing, but it isn't slow down and look at my call sheet, and here's my best third-and-1 call. It's got to be something that's very ingrained in how you call it. It's a pattern in what you call, and I thought Tom did a phenomenal job of it."