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Big Links, Big Sites, Big Ten: Week 2

Boise State bows to their new god, Michigan State's new video board.
Boise State bows to their new god, Michigan State's new video board.

After a decade many in the conference would soon forget, the Big Ten appears to be on the rise. In accordance with the transition from darkest to dawn, we highlight the action in and surrounding the most midwestern major conference there is, the Big Ten.

New Math- Boise State Edition - The Only Colors

"Forgive me father, for I have Venn'd," would probably be what we were saying if TOC's Heck had just gone one more step and added some mean diagrams. Alas, there's still plenty of tables and info on just how Mark Dantonio's side was able to hold off a competent at times, lost at others Boise State team. Amidst all the obvious things, he boils down the Michigan State success to "MSU dominance on standard downs, not specifically first downs, [being] the real key."

Sparty on.

The World Needs "The Chart" (or Why I Love Bret Bielema) - Bucky's 5th Quarter

Every hero needs a villain. Part of SB Nation's Wisconsin destination, Bucky's 5th Quarter, 's new leadership core, Andrew Rosin, tackles in his mind, the necessary evil that is Bret Bielema. I too, in a sense, adore Bret, in that he's a super easy target for cheap jokes and sometimes even lives up to our own caricatures of him.

And hey, I'll always always give credit where credit's due from that one time I made fun of Bielema and got an email from Wisconsin's sports information department letting me know my jokes weren't actual facts. Thanks, guy!

None the less, Biels' gotten to multiple Rose Bowls and won big in Madison, so (some) credit where credit's due.

B1G 2012 // Week One - Margin Call - Off Tackle Empire


The mad geniuses over at SBN's Big Ten hub, Off Tackle Empire, take stock of all dozen of the Big Ten teams. Ohio State's not a five Delany bucks investment (YET), but they rank amongst the upper echelon of the conference's heavyweights. BUY BUY BUY.

"ZOMG! THE URBZ! JUST AS PREDICTED HE HAS CHANGED THE FACE OF B1G FOOTBALL," the author says. Well, maybe he has. Maybe our mortal brains just aren't high level enough to comprehend the changes yet.