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Back To The Future: A Look At What's Next For LGHL & SB Nation

The wonderful future.
The wonderful future.

I started this operation with a few humble goals in mind back at the end of April 2012:

  • Give Ohio State fans a a virtual sports bar scored by a collection of unique voices unbeholden to press passes talking with the kind of intelligence and passion we all wish we could get routinely at watch parties on Saturdays in the fall.
  • Provide stability for the school in a network that's been through 1 2 3 4 5 Ohio State representatives and needed a solid brand that would stand the test of time.
  • Selfishly give myself a more my-alma-matter-centric forum to do something I really missed more regularly that photoshopping Fresco Jesus' head onto Will Muschamp's body can't completely sate (though I admittedly do love making Brian Kelly dick jokes probably far more than I should).

I'd say the early returns are extremely positive. The site's off to a great start, but we've still got a long way to go. As we continue to get more comfortable with the grind (and hopefully better), we're always looking to add interesting new talent to the mix. We also know that we can't merely stop at improving the content, we also have to better how we go about bringing you the goods.

Accordingly, in conjunction with SB Nation, we're starting to lay the ground work for some really exciting changes we think are going to completely change how you consume Ohio State news, commentary, and information as well as how we deliver it to you.

To quote Dr. Professor Vrabro, PhD's favorite film, big things have small beginnings. Behold, the beginning of the next phase of what Land-Grant Holy Land can truly be:


We're pretty damn proud of it. Sure, it's just a logo for now, and yeah, we've only been a community for going on five months, but even the likes of an Ohio State has to go from Jim Tressel to Urban Meyer to take the next evolutionary step sometimes.

Stay tuned this fall. We're just getting started.